Audiologist 72C Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) – Careers in the Army


The audiologist is primarily responsible for helping Soldiers preserve an important communication tool: the ability to hear.

Audiologists work with the most advanced technology and develop new skills that can enhance your career.

Job Duties

  • Performing hearing tests
  • Developing improved communication strategies
  • Evaluating protective devices
  • Developing hearing conservation programs


Active Duty

  • Requires a doctoral degree from an accredited program in audiology from a school acceptable to the OTSG. Candidates with a clinical doctoral degree (Au.D.) must have completed an accredited 1 year clinical audiology externship or be enrolled in the Army Audiology Externship Program (AEP).
  • Must be between 21 and 42 years of age
  • Must be a U.S. citizen

Army Reserve

  • In addition to the above qualifications, permanent U.S. residency is required for Reserve duty officers.
  • Must be between 21 and 42 years of age (may request a waiver, Locate A Recruiter for more information)