Army Civil Affairs Specialist 38B Career – Military Occupational Specialties (MOS)


Civil affairs specialists identify critical requirements needed by local citizens in combat or crisis situations. Civil affairs specialists are primarily responsible for researching, coordinating, conducting and participating in the planning and production of civil affairs related documents, while enabling the civil-military operations of the supported commander.

Job Duties

  • Help plan U.S. government interagency procedures for national or regional emergencies
  • Assist with civil-military planning and support
  • Coordinate military resources to support reconstitution or reconstruction activities
  • Support national disaster, defense or emergency assistance and response activities
  • Foster and maintain dialogue with civilian aid agencies and civilian relief and assistance organizations


Those who want to serve must first take the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, a series of tests that helps you better understand your strengths and identify which Army jobs are best for you.


Job training for a civil affairs specialist begins with 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 13 weeks of Advanced Individual Training, where you’ll learn the skills of a civil affairs specialist and be assigned to an Army Reserve civil affairs unit.

Airborne-qualified active duty noncommissioned officers can reclassify as a civil affairs sergeants after successful completion of an intensive 20-week training program that includes language, negotiations and regional training.

Helpful Skills

  • Organize and analyze information
  • Write clearly and concisely
  • Interest in working with foreign militaries or government agencies
  • Ability to learn a foreign language and adapt to a foreign culture

Required ASVAB Score(s)

General Technical (GT) : 107