Map of Camp Murray, WA

History of the Base

The base in Camp Murray is home to the Washington National Guard. When the Washington Territorial legislature ratified the law that pushed for the creation of an organized militia, the Washington State Guard (WSG) was born. The next coming years would bring about many changes for Washington. Washington finally created its own state militia in 1890 after it became a state. The state militia had their hands full in the next 10 years. The Washington State Militia was sent to the Philippines in 1898 up to 1899 to fight in the Spanish American War. The State Militia was eventually held under federal and state control after 1903. Before that, it was an exclusive state-controlled entity.

The First World War saw the return of the Washington State Guard as an exclusive state-controlled unit. The Third Infantry Regiment was made up of 16 companies, machine gun company, and medical detachment. All the members of the Third Infantry Regiment came from the various cities across Washington. The members parted ways when the First World War ended.

The Washington State Guard rose again as an Infantry Brigade with two Regiments in November 1, 1940. This was shortly before the United States battled it out in the Second World War. The WSG was tasked to watch over the coastal lines and vital installations. Their role gradually shifted to members of the disaster assistance and civil defense groups when it dawned upon the U.S. that there was no apparent invasion. The WSG was again disbanded in 1947, a little after the Second World War ended.

Then-Governor Albert Rosellini brought back the Washington State Guard on May 19, 1960. This was done to provide assistance to the Washington National Security Guard. Rosellini felt that it was necessary for the internal security. By then, the Washington National Guard had already been assigned for federal service. Together with the Washington Military Department, the WSG serves in various assignments and missions.

Mission of the Base

Since the Washington National Guard works closely with the military, it is supposed to assure that the military units are well-trained for national defense. It is also their job to assist in federal military operations, whether on a voluntary or continuous basis.

The Washington National Guard has significant duties toward the State. They are supposed to back up the Governor and Commander-in-Chief. All their moves and strategies cannot be executed unless approved by both executive heads.

The National Guard owes it to the public to watch over their safety. It is their duty to provide protection to the citizens, their property, and their surroundings. Protection should be available to the citizens round the clock. The National Guard works with two institutions: the State Emergency Operations (EOC) and the National Guard Counter-Drug Task Force. The former facilitates rescue operations during wildfires, natural disasters, and other emergencies. The latter is the States partner in implementing laws against drug-related crimes.

The National Guard must also fulfill its duties in schools by making them safer and free from drug-related crimes. Guard aspirants should get nothing but the best training. This means full access to the latest technology and expertise, which they can use someday in their jobs. Part of the educational targets of the National Guard is to produce students that are able to adapt to the sophisticated technology in this increasingly globalizing society. The Guard provides substantial tuition programs to make education more possible among more people.

The economy is also the responsibility of the National Guard. Guard members are expected to be competent full-time employees. They should also be business owners that make substantial contributions to help nurture the economic growth of Washington. All the funding for the National Guard should go to better emergency handling, maintenance programs, and counter-drug programs.

It is part of the National Guard’s duties to protect the environment and state property. The State EOC is a manifestation of their commitment in protecting the environment and state property. Their presence should be felt in times of natural calamities to assure the people that help and assistance are easily accessible.

Finally, it is the job of the National Guard to earn the support and trust of the public. The National Guard should take full commitment and responsibility in producing admirable, conscientious, honorable, and brave soldiers with integrity.

One of the missions of the Camp Murray Base is to produce the finest soldiers that are fit enough to serve for the United States and her interests. However, there is more to the base than just producing soldiers. Part of producing soldiers to be proud of is to commemorate the lives of the soldiers that have gone and preserve the rich history and heritage of the Militia and the National Guard of Washington. It is Camp Murray’s mission to preserve the rich history of the Militia and National Guard of Washington. Aside from that, the base aims to honor the departed comrades in order to inspire the members of the National Guard and the citizens. Honoring their departed comrades is one way of letting the public known that the National Guard is very much committed in protecting and serving the public.

Facts and Figures

The National Guard has a colorful history. It has produced a little more than 8,500 soldiers and civilian employees since it started serving the country in 1636 and the state in 1855.

The Washington National Guard played a major role in the alarming conditions of snow storms in 2008. The Governor authorized the Adjutant General (commanding officer next to the Governor in the Washington National Guard) to mobilize the Washington National Guard in order to help in the relief operations.

The Washington Guards efforts mobilized approximately 540 citizen soldiers and airmen with the motto “Neighbors Helping Neighbors Through a Tradition of Service.”

Soldiers have increased their productivity since 2008, thanks to the software that keeps the away from paperwork and gives them more time for training. The software will allow the unit training assistants to upload the status to the system (as long as their web access) once the soldier has completed the task.

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