In the state of Washington, perhaps there is nothing more prestigious a military training facility than Fort Lewis. It is a place where groups among different types of human defenses like the military, the Navy and the Air Force can come together as one big umbrella of a facility. To this day, the life and the ownership of the fort still lives on, with the joint fort that expands to the different areas of the military.

Map of Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM)

To know more about Fort Lewis and the facilities that are around it, here is a short historical account of the place, the facts and figures about Fort Lewis and the reasons behind the life and the brotherhood and friendship that is being shared inside the camp.

History of Fort Lewis

Fort Lewis originated as a private property in the early 1900s, until it was taken by the government for its interest. In its early days, it became the training ground for members of the army that must be prepared for the war. Fort Lewis has been responsible for training the men that have been chosen to participate in the First and the Second World War.

Over the years, Fort Lewis has transitioned into a different purpose. Since it has a lot of land area which can be occupied by a great number of men and women who are in the service, the military base has served more to than just being a training facility.

Today, Fort Lewis stands as one of the biggest and the most active military bases in the world, with different areas concerning the military as regards to recruitment, dismissal and retirement of people from the military. It has also served as a place that can give civilians a job and an opportunity to serve the country. With the vast land area and the history of Fort Lewis under its belt, it has grown to the great military base that it is today.

Recently, Fort Lewis has joined with the McChord Air Force Base to form the Joint Base Lewis McChord military and air force field. Recognized as one of the few joint military bases in the world, this joint base is now capable of serving more people who are in the service of the United States of America.

Facts and Figures about Fort Lewis

87,000 Acres of Land

The vast land area in the base serves for a lot of things. It can be used as a place to construct buildings and facilities dedicated to the purpose of the military. It can also be used as the ideal training ground to simulate conditions in combat. With still a great number of untouched land area in the base, there still is a room for opportunity with the rising need for men and women to participate in the war efforts of Americans from around the world.

25,000 People from the Civilian and Military

Fort Lewis employs over 25,000 men and women from all walks of life who have joined the military and the air force. This great amount of people also account for the dedicated men and women who are doing their civil service inside the base, to respond to the demands of the field in their own special way. This is a great way for them to participate in the current and ongoing efforts to send these dedicated men and women around the world and around the country to service and to educate people about the importance of protecting the interests of the United States of America.

120,000 Retirees

The joint base supports over 120,000 retirees. Some of these retirees spend their days inside the base, while others are being supported off-base. This just goes to show that the military and air force efforts of the government does not go in vain, with these men and women still being continuously supported for their endeavors.

Mission Of Fort Lewis as a Military Training Facility

The mission of Fort Lewis can actually be seen from the things that they do inside the base. These goals are the mission of this joint base as a military base and as a government facility.

To Train Future County Servicemen from a Young Age

Fort Lewis opens doors to men and women, even at a very young age. There are military oriented programs such as fitness programs that can help men realize the importance of the military in keeping America one of the greatest places on earth to live in. This is one of the ways that the military can help in raising awareness and in recruiting the next generation of troops America has in store.

To Support Retirees in Their Life After the Military

As mentioned earlier, the base is responsible for supporting tens of thousands of retirees in their life after the military. These retirees have been dedicated with their job, and it is only right to give back to their effort. This is also a way for retirees to cope with the day to day struggles after being honorably dismissed in the job that they have loved so much through the years.

Integrates the Different Areas of the Military to Take Arms and to Show Support

The Joint Base program has only begun last 2010, but it is just one of the ways to keep the spirit of camaraderie and the goals of the military alive. The joint base makes it possible for Fort Lewis to open itself to the public, so that the people in the public can take on the public service of being a military or air force man or woman of their generation.

With only a rare number of joint bases in the world, Fort Lewis has proven itself to be the viable resource of up and coming and established people from the military to join the peacekeeping efforts of the United States. This is one bases way of opening up to the changes in the world while maintaining their reputation and their goal of honing men and women to be the guardians of the nation.