Not so far from the city of New York, there is a premier research facility dedicated to the artillery for the protection of the United States of America. This place serves as a top destination for the military and the civilians alike to take arms and to be ready to defend their country with all the honor and pride that they can have. This venue is called the Picatinny Arsenal, home to the country’s largest research facility dedicated to weapons development.

To understand the importance of this facility and what it does to the lives of people, it is best to look at the past, present and future of the Picatinny Arsenal based on the history, the present-day facts and the mission of the Arsenal for the people of the United States of America.

Map of Picatinny Arsenal, NJ

Brief History of the Picatinny Arsenal

In the late 1800s, the Picatinny Arsenal was a private property. But with the growing demand for the storage of armaments in that is needed by the country, several private owners of the lots that make up the Picatinny Arsenal today have been sold to the United State government under the power of eminent domain.

Originally, this place was considered to be the holding facility of gunpowder. A couple of years after that, this place has been known as a storage facility for small armaments. The modern Picatinny Arsenal as you know it today is based on years upon years of hard work dedicated to the discovery and creation of different armaments, right in the middle of the Arsenal itself.

Today, the Picatinny Arsenal is more than just the storage facility that is was known for before. The present-day Arsenal is a venue where weapons are made, tested stored and distributed so that the people who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the welfare of the United States such as the troops will not fall in vain. It is a place where the greatest and the latest in the field of armaments and weaponry are kept well away from the public eye.

Key Facts and Figures that You Need to Know about the Picatinny Arsenal

6400 Acres

The wide area of the Picatinny Arsenal is contributed by the fact that the land was originally a combination of private lands that were combined to form one massive complex. This wide land area is somewhat the size of modern cities of today.

800 Buildings, 64 Laboratories

With over 800 buildings for storage, research and residential purposes, the Picatinny Arsenal is a place where the best and the greatest minds when it comes to armaments and weaponry combine in order to form the latest and the best in the field.

4000 Employees

The 4000 employees of the Picatinny Arsenal is a testament to the Arsenals goal of employing as much American work force as possible to sustain the needs of the artillery. This work force is a combination of trained professionals and civil personnel that can handle the day to day operations of the artillery outside the area of weaponry.

Moreover, most of these employed individuals live nearby in the areas surrounding New Jersey. This makes it possible for them to have a stable livelihood courtesy of the Picatinny Arsenal an the centers and the facilities that are within the location itself.

Mission of the Picatinny Arsenal

There are a lot of missions and goals that the Picatinny Arsenal would like to accomplish, some of which are more important than others. Even so, the main missions of the arsenal are defensive, civil and truly American.

To Deliver the Latest and the Best Weapons for Defending the Great Nation of the United States

Every single day, the Arsenal is home to new discoveries about the world of weaponry. It is a place where weapon professionals can go and understand the importance of weapons for combat, and the role of the Arsenal in creating these machines.

Back then, only small guns and weapons are manufactured inside this behemoth complex. Today, it is home to some of the most advanced and the latest types of weapons for combat, regardless of size. It is also the place where scientists and weaponry experts come together to make new discoveries every single day. This may include a new answer to the problem or a flaw when it comes to a certain weapon, or a new defense device in itself, in the form of guns, canons other types of ammunition and up until recently, robots. This is truly a place where the art of the combat and the science behind it are put to the test.

To Ready the Men and Women of the Military for Combat, Armed with the Latest and the Most Advanced Weapons

Going in battle without a weapon is like writing in paper without a pen; the effort may be there but the results can only end in catastrophe. What the Picatinny Arsenal does then is to educate the young men and women of the United States who have joined the ranks of the troops to see the importance of the weapons when it comes to battle.

When it comes to preparing people for battle, it is not only the military that the Arsenal must gear for. This is why Picatinny Arsenal has also partnered up with several universities around the country to educate people about the importance of the weapons being created and innovated in the Arsenal in todays modern life and the newer approach to warfare. This is a great way for the young minds of the nation to begin exploring the possibilities when it comes to the promise of a life worth living and dying for under the name of the U.S. military and all of its areas.

The name of the Picatinny Arsenal still lives through this day as the arsenal that has served the country well. It is a facility where any member of the troops, regardless of their age can come and visit the Arsenal for themselves. It helps them get educated and to understand the importance of the right weapons in order to save their life.

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