New Mexico is a state that has been the headlines of major newspapers and conspiracy theories. It all started out in the 1950s, when the silent state became the landing area of an unknown flying device. Up to this day, New Mexico is still being pursued as the place where aliens and other creatures from outer space exist.

However, New Mexico is tamer than what is presented in the media. It is a state that holds host to testing facilities such as the White Sand Missile Range. The White Sand Missile Range is a place that tests out ammunition, explosions and can even simulate space explorations. In reality, there are no aliens in New Mexico, but t has some of the most advanced technology with regard to weaponry and space explorations, and the White Sands Missile Range is a testament to that.

Map of White Sands Missile Range

History of the White Sands Missile Range

70 years ago, the White Sands Missile Range was known as the Alamogordo Army Airfield. This was one of the government military installations serving its purpose during the Second World War. However, because of dispute over the land and other issues surrounding the use of the airfield, it was abandoned and the project was left hanging for about 3 years.

It was not until the latter part of the 1940s that the airfield took shape on what is to be known as the White Sand Missile Range Today. In 1945, the White Sands Missile Range, also known as the White Sands Proving Ground was the venue for various tests that is with relation to the war. In fact, the first atomic bomb was detonated in the White Sands Missile Range, on its Trinity site.

Since then, it has grown into better and bigger things. The White Sands Missile Range turned into a testing facility for private and public clients, mostly for the purpose of space exploration and military exercises. The vast expanse of land and the availability of manpower in the area makes it the ideal spot to handle experiments, tests and dry runs so that the effectiveness of weaponry, space related devices and other items as provided by the public and private sectors can be measured.

Today, the White Sands Missile Range is both a historic and a modern site. It is recognized by the state of New Mexico as the historic site that launched various space programs, and is also the place that is home to the most advanced equipment when it comes to the testing of bombs, missiles and other devices meant for the purposes of the U.S. Military and the Department of Defense as a whole.

Facts and Figures About White Sands Missile Range/White Sands Proving Ground

3,200 Square Miles

The 3,200 square miles that covers the entire proving ground and missile range cover up to 5 towns in the state of New Mexico. Because of its size and coverage, it is considered to be the largest military installation in the entire world. Out of the 3,200 miles that the White Sands Missile Range covers, over 600,000 acres is dedicated to the McGregor Range, one of the most important range installations in the United States to date.

The testing facility serves its purpose by offering private and public clients a wide range where they can test weaponry and other equipment. The seclusion of the area also guarantees the safety of civilians from the explosion and the impact of the weaponry and equipment that is being tested in this area.

66 Years

For over 66 years, the White Sands Missile Range does not stop on giving quality service to their clients. They have been the venue of choice for the testing of the Atomic Bomb which was used in the Second World War an achievement in itself because of the victory of the United States against their enemies during the war. This is a wonderful and significant milestone in the history of the White Sand Missile Range.

Another great achievement of the White Sand Missile Range in its 66 years of existence is being the host testing facility for some of the most iconic space explorations in history. The White Sand Missile Range is the testing facility of choice for testing space craft and for landing space craft when they arrive from outer space.

These are just some of the many ways that the 66 years of the White Sands Missile Range is helping the nation and the world by providing a quality facility that mixes both history and the present in order to achieve the future in weaponry and warfare.

Mission of the White Sands Missile Range

Aids in the Public Sectors Waging War Against Terror

Currently, the United States of America is still at war with some nations because of the infamous September 11, 2001 attacks, with which the United States initiate the War on Terror. This war is not a war that facilitates violence whenever it seems necessary. Instead, it is a war that facilitates the use of modern weaponry in order to get a swift victory. This is the White Sands Missiles Ranges way of helping the United States continue and put an end to the War on Terror.

Helps the Private Sector Through Testing and Modern Equipment

When private sectors would like to test out a product or a machinery, they may lack the capacity to have a testing facility for their weapons. What the White Sands Missiles Range can give them is a lease on their property so that they can test out their equipment for safety, accuracy and precision. Perhaps, this is one of the many ways on how the facility keeps close ties with the private sector.

The White Sands Missiles Range in New Mexico is the ideal venue for military related and space exploration related tests. The tales of aliens may not die down in New Mexico anytime soon, but the legacy of the White Sands Missiles Range will surely live long, even for the years and decades to come.

Video – White Sands Missile Range History