Arizona is a state that is known for its wonderful climate, beautiful mountains and picturesque views. This is the ideal state to represent calmness, serenity and the wonderful and simple way of life.

Yet, Arizona is also home to one of the greatest places in the world that is in no way related to the beautiful and serene things that the state can offer. Arizona plays host to the Yuma Proving Ground, one of the largest military testing facilities in the world. Giving employment to Arizonians and a sense of American pride, the Yuma Proving Ground is a one of the things that can set Arizona apart from other states.

Map of Yuma Proving Ground

History of Yuma Proving Ground

Starting out in the 1850, the Yuma Proving Ground began as Fort Yuma, a facility dedicated to the soldiers of the day. Through the blessing of the Native Americans in the area and the kindness and fellowship between these two people, Fort Yuma served as the ideal place for all the military activities in the American Midwest.

Today, the Fort has expanded and is now known as the Yuma Proving Ground. With a vast expanse of land and water formations with different levels and altitudes, its the perfect place to test out different weapons and artillery. It is also a great place for Arizonians to have a stable job and to raise the economy of Arizona to the next level.

Key Facts and Figures about the Yuma Proving Ground

~ 3000 Civilians

Over three thousand civilians, mostly Arizonians work day in and day out in the Yuma Proving Ground. They are responsible for the day to day operations of the Grounds, as well as attending to the needs of the military based on their civilian status.

Although civilians may not seem to have the most implication on the operations of the grounds, they are responsible to keep the grounds afloat. They answer to the logistical needs of the camp, as well as to the basic needs of the military such as food. They are also channels of the people who are training in the Yuma Proving Ground to the outside world, as their job requires them to have a firsthand understanding of the importance of the military in their daily life.

~ 1,300 Square Miles

With over one thousand three hundred square miles of land, the Yuma Proving Ground is a small country in itself. There are people who are living there, and there are also other people who find the place as a source of living. Most of all, the Yuma roving Ground is also a place where commerce and exchange of goods happen.

Because of the wide land area of the Yuma Proving Ground, it is a place of choice for training and for enabling people from the military to perform their duties in American soil. It is a source of livelihood for some, and a realization of passion for others.

~ 500,000 Fired Rounds of Artillery

Every year, there are over 500,000 artillery rounds that are fired from the Yuma Proving Ground. These fired weapons, from guns to canons and even missiles serve as the main purpose of this facility.

As weapons are fired in the facility, people who are adept with weaponry can make improvements, design and adjust the weapons so that they can be perfected in combat. It is also important to note that these weapons are not only used by Americans to fight the war on terror, but are also used by allies of the United States to work on the same goal of fighting oppression and inviting the concept of peace and goodwill between nations. From a distance perspective, it may seem that the firing of artillery is just a stunt, but its worth is more than just getting fired out of a barrel.

Mission of the Yuma Proving Ground

To Simulate Battle Situations as Closely as Possible

The Yuma Proving Ground is an ideal spot for training because it can simulate the perfect conditions for combat. The Arizonian weather is key to flight tests, parachute drops and all of the other aerial conditions that one may experience during combat.

Aside from this the Yuma Proving Center is also a great place to simulate ground combat, with vast expanses of land, road tracks and bodies of water dedicated for the use of the military. This is the reason why the Yuma Proving Ground is the place of choice for military purposes.

To Be a Testing Ground for American and Non-Americans alike

Aside from being the testing ground for Americans and Arizonians, the Yuma Proving Ground is also a great place to invite friends of the United States to participate in its effort to win the war against terror. The Yuma Proving Ground is the place for other nations to text devices and other weapons in combat when they find that they don’t have the venue to do so. This friendship with America, together with the friendship and hospitality of the locals who work in the Yuma Probing Ground makes this partnership worthwhile and lasting.

To Foster the Lives of Arizonians by Creating Civilian Jobs

The civilian jobs created by the Yuma Proving Ground stands as a testament to the significance of this military facility for the people of Arizona. The Yuma Proving Ground is a wide place, with a great amount of military men and women needing services and dedication from the locals. As a result of this, people who are living nearby or within state limits are given the chance to serve in the name of the United States and under the American flag, while getting just compensation for their dedication, love and perseverance for their work.

The Yuma Proving Ground is not just a place to test out the latest machinery and tactics in the military. It is also the ideal place to express loyalty to the nation and love for the State of Arizona, something that Arizonians, friends of the United States and other American can agree on.

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